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Private Money Partnering Table of Contents
Find Out All You Need To Know About Private Money
Partnering And Joint Venture Real Estate Investing.

Finding Private Money Partners
How To Find Private Money Partners for Real Estate Venture Capital Using The Web And Other Resources

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Find Out What Investors Have To Say About The Information On The Private Money Partner Site.

Private Money Real Estate Venture Capital Glossary
Coming Soon. Terminology for Private Money Partnering And Real Estate Joint Ventures.

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Introduction To How We Can Help You Find The Private Money That You Need.

Private Money Partnering and JV Real Estate

A Private Money Joint Venture Real Estate Investment Guide. Free!

This Private Money Partnering information was originally authored and presented by a prominent real estate investor in the 1990s. It has been updated and revised for the more complex environment of the 21st Century. The content is presented here free in its entirety for your benefit. There is no need to pay any money or even to sign up. Just browse the material at your leisure.

It provides practical assistance designed for both the beginner and the more experienced investor ready to move to bigger projects, bigger dollars, and bigger profits! It is also a must for anyone who has been asked to fund a real estate venture. The complete web site covers fifty-seven key concepts for structuring effective joint venture relationships.

You may know "private money" as real estate venture capital or in mundane circumstances as a private mortgage but it is in the former investment oriented guise that we are interested in it here.

You can read the site sequentially, or just go to our Table of Contents to find the information that you are interested in.


“Gee, that’s sounds like a great deal. I’d like to move on it, but I just don't have enough money right now”.

“I'm sure I could make my money work harder if I could just find the right place to put it”.

“How can I find someone to join me on this great deal?”

Sound familiar? That’s why this educational course on PRIVATE MONEY PARTNERING, or How to Create Successful Joint Venture Partnership For Building Big Income and Powerful Profits was developed.

I've been investing in Atlanta, Georgia area for almost eleven years, primarily in single family residential ventures. I know first hand the power of successful partnering, and I’d like to share that with you.

When I first started real estate investing in the 1980’s, I had just left a well paid corporate job. I wanted an income producing vehicle for my energy and talent which would allow me time to be with my daughter, and would create a tax shelter for the family income. So I needed to start my own business.

You go into business doing something that you know about. I knew a whole lot about rehabbing houses and fixing them up, but I didn't have the kind of money I needed for full scale investing. So what did I do? I found people who had money, and developed procedures for handling the process, which is how these strategies in joint ventures partnering evolved.

What About You?

  • You may be new to investing , or at the point where you’d like to start
  • increase opportunities available to you by teaming up with others.
  • What if you have quite a bit of money at your disposal but you don't want to be fully responsible for doing all the work that is necessary to make it grow quickly through real estate?
  • What if you’re retired, or you’re about to retire, and you've got a pot of gold to invest?
  • What if you found a great deal and don't have quite enough money at your disposal to put it together?
  • What if you found a great deal and don't have any money at all?
  • What if you have a lot of business experience and want to test your expertise in a new way?
  • What if you’d like to share the risk by co-venturing with someone else who had experience in that particular field?
  • What if you have had some experience in real estate rentals, but have never rehabbed a big project and you’d like to co-venture with someone who’s had more experience in that area?

These are the questions this course is designed to answer.

You might have heard a little of this information previously, but perhaps you didn't need to think seriously about partnering issues before. Some of you may need to experience twice, three times, or more to fully absorb what you need in order to make the techniques work for you. The objective is to create for yourselves the most comfortable and productive working relationships with other people regarding the financing of real estate ventures. In summary, I'll be discussing both perspectives and paperwork to get you started right and keep you on track during the course of your joint venture partnering.

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Private Money Partnering Table of Contents
Find Out All You Need To Know About Private Money Partnering And Joint Venture Real Estate Investing.

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