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Private Money Partnering Table of Contents
Find Out All You Need To Know About Private Money
Partnering And Joint Venture Real Estate Investing.

Finding Private Money Partners
How To Find Private Money Partners for Real Estate Venture Capital Using The Web And Other Resources

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Private Money Partnering Home Page
Introduction To How We Can Help You Find The Private Money That You Need.

Presenting The Deal

Chapter K.

Preparations Beforehand

During The Presentation

What You Say Makes A Difference

Words To The Wise


Flip chart Presentation

Flip chart Presentation With Script

A Marketing Overview

Selling Yourself

In personal one-on-one marketing, every personal meeting is an opportunity to market yourself, which you must do before you can effectively market your product. Remember, you need to be selling yourself, before you even sell the deal, before you sell the concept of real estate investing. Deals happen because of people, and profits will occur because of your commitment to making something happen for your partner that wouldn't occur without your skills and talents.

Do Your Homework

The first step for Debbie or Dan when preparing to present the deal to the Money partner is to do your homework. Do you know what you need? Do know what your objective is and what you want to accomplish? In preparation for these decisions you may need to make a chart showing varying interest costs for a six month versus a 12 month period for the amount of money you'll need for the project, and what rate you can afford to pay for it. Sometime a project won't fly unless you can find the money at a certain price, and if you can't, don't do the project. Instead, sell your contract to someone else and get a finder’s fee.

Know Your Audience

You'll find that the further you go from the real estate community the better the deal you can create for yourself and the project. But for someone not familiar with real estate investing, you'll have to really have your act together because you'll be presenting, in addition to the deal, the whole concept of real estate investing to someone who is used to calling up a stockbroker and saying, “Do this”, or “Do that”. You'll need to make them comfortable and knowledgeable about how real estate investing works, about what makes a good deal, what they can expect for their money and when. Rarely does someone invest with you after the first meeting. Sometimes they'll want to watch you in action for up to a year, like they would with any new business, to see if you’re going to last longer than the shower curtain.

How Important Is Experience?

Obviously, experience buys confidence and bigger dollars. And better deals buys confidence and bigger dollars. And professionalism buys credibility. They want to know if you are real. Yes, that comes from experience, but it also comes from your presence. You don't have to have a whole lot of experience if you have your act together and you've put a deal together, and thought through exactly what you are going to present. So you don't have to have experience. You have to have a thought process and you have to have your homework done before you approach someone. You will learn what you need in order to make it real and make it happen.

Presenting The Deal - Chapter K (continued)

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