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Private Money Partnering Table of Contents
Find Out All You Need To Know About Private Money
Partnering And Joint Venture Real Estate Investing.

Finding Private Money Partners
How To Find Private Money Partners for Real Estate Venture Capital Using The Web And Other Resources

Testimonials About Private Money Partnering
Find Out What Investors Have To Say About The Information On The Private Money Partner Site.

Private Money Real Estate Venture Capital Glossary
Coming Soon. Terminology for Private Money Partnering And Real Estate Joint Ventures.

Private Money Joint Venture Real Estate Blog
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Private Money Partner Meetup Forum
Private Money Investors & proposers Can meet and find mutually beneficial partners.

Private Money Partnering Home Page
Introduction To How We Can Help You Find The Private Money That You Need.

Private Money Partnering in Real Estate

Table of Contents About Joint Venture Real Estate

Why Partner A Deal - Chapter B

The Right Perspective For Partnering - Chapter C

Types of Partnerships and Joint Ventures - Chapter D

Funding Fundamentals- The Money - Chapter E

How Much Does Money Cost - Chapter F

Joint Venture Real Estate Relationships - Chapter G

Evaluating The Money Man / Money Momma - Chapter H

Evaluating The Opportunity - Chapter I

Lenders - Investors - Partners - Chapter J

Presenting The Deal - Chapter K

Protecting Private Money Deals - Chapter L

Maintaining Private Money Project Relationship- Chapter M

Kinds of Returns and Rewards - Chapter N

Building a Joint Venture Agreement - Chapter O

Joint Venture Negotiation Variables - Chapter P

Joint Ventures: When Things Go Wrong - Chapter Q

Joint Venture Partnership Continuity- Chapter R

Real Estate Joint Venture Partnership Bibliography

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